Nothing but FIRE from Bristols ThisIsDa & Manchesters Mankub!

thisidada-hotsteppaAnother huge helping of intelligent, invigorating, classically styled Hip Hop from one of Our Bass Addictions favourites – ThisIsDa. And this time we get a slickly styled set of visuals to go with this Mankub produced banger!

ThisIsDa, the 20 year old Bristol rapper and future British prodigy if he keeps this up – is back rapping, with Room 2 Records Niky ‘ManKub’ Hughes taking up the production reigns once again. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – this is an Artist // Producer combo that really does work and once again the pairing delivers FIRE!

It’s a rejuvenating, revitalising piece of Hip Hop. ManKubs production is on point. Heavy drums, hints of keys of some more of those closely guarded spliced in samples gel together in near perfect Hip Hop harmony to create a stylish, iconic sounding beat with a slightly dark undertone; perfect for the man ThisIsDa to unleash over.

And man does he unleash! From the very first bar to the last, ThisIsDa goes hard – his lyrics warning those before him about what he’s to about bring forward. A war cry to the game, a tribal chant designed to instil lyrical based fear in his industry contemporaries while raising the heart rates and morale of his fans and allies. Each new track I hear from this guy – he just gets better and better. Adding more and more character and feeling to each word, every syllable. ThisIsDa raps with the confidence and delivery of a much older veteran – you could be forgiven for forgetting this guy’s only 20 years old!

TCTV shot and directed the slickly cut, sparse yet impacting visuals and make the first Official Video from ThisIsDa’s newest EP ‘Based Off Black’ which drops September 3rd. In the meantime, check the video below – and if you haven’t already checkout the sublime ‘Super Arkane’ EP. You can read our review of that here.





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