Beats By Dre Monster iBeats – More BASS for your buck!

featured-image-ibeatsBeats By Dre Monster iBeats – Consumer Review

So I’ve been using the Monster iBeats for over a month now and I have to say, for the money you would be hard pushed to find a better set of earphones! By no means new, the iBeats have been around for a while now meaning you can pick a set up for under £30! These did retail at over £100 earlier in their life and while they may of struggled to justify that price tag; at current prices they represent serious value for money.


The iBeats are commonly available in both Black and White and more obscure Chrome and Black Aluminium versions are available if you look hard enough. We opted for the Black Aluminium version.   Cables on all models are a blood red, with logos, ear-tips and in-line controls matching the chosen colour scheme. The ear buds are machined from solid metal and feel slightly weighty in the ear compared to something like the Sound Magic E-10’s (machined from Titanium) or plastic or polymer variants. That aside though – they look pretty awesome and are definitely eye catching.  Everything seems well made; from the 3.5mm gold plated jack up to the ear-buds themselves.


Seeing as this is Our BASS Addiction the iBeats I don’t think could have ended up with a more suitable reviewer. They are definitely on the side of bass with an enhanced low end range – even more so when a secure seal is created. Highs are still monster-ibeats-review-2sharp for the most though with minimal distortion or shrillness at high volumes. As with most of the offerings in the Beats range, they are aimed at a younger market – more into the likes of Bass Music, Hip Hop etc.

The iBeats are actually able to handle a phenomenal amount of bass – play “Again” by King Louie and you’ll see exactly what we mean! While these might not be the best choice for Audiophiles or Classical Music Lovers, they are possibly the only choice in this price bracket for true bass addicts!

The in-line controls are designed to be used with an iPhone but some functions such as stop and play still worked with my Sony Z3. However, the button pushes feel awkward and hard to get your head around. That being said, we rarely use the in line controls on any headphones so that wasn’t really an issue.


The iBeats come with multiple sets of interchangeable ear-tips to ensure the best fit for your ears. Also included are a shirt clip and a snap shut pouch for keeping everything in.


For this kind of money you can’t go wrong. The saying goes “you get what you pay for” but it’s not always necessarily true; as in this case – you get MUCH more for your money. Style, quality and a name that makes people take notice!

We got our iBeats from who are currently offering them on their website for an amazing £24.99! CLICK HERE


One response to “Beats By Dre Monster iBeats – More BASS for your buck!

  1. Whereas I cannot fault the sound output quality and the comfort of the fit, I have now owned four of these earphones and I’m annoyed that after some time the left ear bud always fails! This has been a consistently cited fault with these earphones and I’m rather surprised that the makers have not yet resolved this problem.

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