We’re Back! And With a BIG New Track from SYA!

Guys – we’re back in business – and this time we won’ be leaving for any fake fields of greener grass, no no no. We’re here to stay, to bring the biggest and best new music, event news, tech reviews and more! We’re going nowhere this time so stick around! But without further adoo; here’s some new music for you courtesy of one the UK’s best unknown producers – SYA.

The track is titled Tenon Super – not to be confused with strong treacle tasting lager Tennants Super – and is ranging infusion of Dark Tech House and Techno with some seriously thunderous, eye opening elements thrown in. The track reflects the producer’s mood at the time – and if that’s correct, SYA was probably feeling a bit pissed off and possibly a bit antagonistic at the time and this is reflected in this monster of a track.

The track is a product of production perfection. A brilliant driven beat and almost frightening bass line make the body of the track with an array of ambient melodies and sounds lacing the furious but concentrated track.

SYA is definitely a producer to keep an eye – an artist who produces a very wide ranging variety of music and someone who genuinely just keeps getting better and better at what he does!

Have a listen now – let us know what you think in the comments section below!


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